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  • YLQ Vibration Fluidized Bed Dryer

    YLQ Vibration Fluidized Bed Dryer

    YLQ Vibration Fluidized Bed Dryer for Corn/ Maize


    Basic introduction:

    Although particulate material drying solid particles mixed with a good, big gas-solid mass and heat transfer surface area, etc., but there are still some deficiencies, such as fluidized bed convection in the past: the processing of the material particles must be uniform and have certain specifications , otherwise it will form a channel flow and the drag area, particle size distribution width when entrainment serious. Humidity, caking, and due to particle backmixing cause material defects such as uneven moisture content, thus limiting the convective flow of the drying device range.

    In order to overcome the shortcomings of convective fluid bed dryer, a large number of studies abroad made in improving the performance of the fluidized bed, etc., especially in today’s energy crisis, strengthen the heat and mass transfer process and thus save energy, fluidized bed unit in particulate matter dried material has a wide range of adaptability and economic rationality. I plant in collaboration with relevant research institutes, refer to the introduction of the product, the development of vibration fluidized bed dryer. The aircraft technology advanced and reliable, wide range, and there are significant energy savings, but also has the advantage of drying equipment to dry on other difficult materials such as dry, it has been the chemical industry, light industry, medicine, food, plastics, salt, etc. Welcome and adoption.

    Structural principle:

    Vibration fluidized bed dryer is produced by the vibration of the machine vibration motor excitation force, the material in a given direction under the action of this exciting force leap forward, hot air from under the bed while the input of the material in a fluidized state, the material particles full contact with the hot air drying to achieve the desired effect.

    The main technical indicators:

    • 1. Working amplitude of 0-3.2mm
    • 2. Operating frequency deviation of ± 0.3HZ
    • 3. Host Noise: When fluidized distribution plate, is less than or equal to 2.7m2, the noise is not greater than 80dB; greater than 2.7m2, the noise is not greater than 85dB
    • 4. Motor surface temperature: When the host idling four hours, not more than 60 ℃
    • 5. Dry strength: For the particle size of 1.6-3.5mm quartz sand, while under specified test conditions, dry strength of not less than 40kgH2O/hm2
    Model YLQ3 × 45 YLQ6 × 60 YLQ9 × 75 YLQ12 × 75 YLQ15 × 75 YLQ20 × 90
    Fluidized Bed Size (mm) 4500 × 280 6000 × 550 7500 × 850 7500 × 1150 7500 × 1450 9000 × 2000
    Dimensions (mm) 5005 × 1116 × 1826 6510 × 1286 × 1938 8010 × 2100 × 2110 8010 × 2400 × 2050 8010 × 2700 × 2450 9750 × 2700 × 3620
    Total Weight (Kg) 1575 2743 4219 5223 6426 8030