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  • Industrial Gears

    Industrial Gears

    Sugar Mill Drive

    Planetary Gearboxes have much higher mechanical rating compared to parallel shaft Gearbox as the power being transmitted gets equally distributed among three to five streams in each stage thus reducing the induced stresses which very much optimizes the size as well allows to accommodate higher ratio to eliminate open pair.

    Helical Gear

    Keeping in line with its strategy of “Always a step ahead in technology” Elecon presents the EON Series -answer to industry needs. The EON series has been developed keeping in mind the industry requirements, and offers greater flexibility and advantages and presents a wide range of Features :

    • · Higher torque ratings
    • · Foot print same as ET Series
    • · Suitable for numerous applications
    • · Various sealing options available
    • · Different cooling options

    Flexible coupling is a cushioned drive type, transmitting the torque through rubber bushes which have excellent capacity to absorb shocks.

    High Speed Gear

    Elecon engineering has expertise in designing and manufacturing high speed, high power gear boxes.

    Wind Mill Gear
    • Small & Medium Wind Turbine Gear Box
    • High Capacity Wind Turbine Drive Gear Box
    • Small & Medium Wind Turbine Gear Box
    Loose Gear
    • Size: 27” to 54” worm pair for coal pulverize mill of coal fired Thermal Power station.
    Loose Gear
    • Vertical Roller Mill Drive Gear Box
    • Hydro Power Plant Hydel Turbine Drive Gear Box
    • E Mill Gear Box for Coal Grinding in Power Plants
    • Coal Pulveriser Drive Gear Box
    • Air preheater drive Gearbox